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Arrange your financial transactions quickly, reliably  and securely.

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Save time, arrange all of your finances at one place.

Professional Support

Helpful, well-trained cashiers are waiting for you in an exclusive environment.

More than 400 offices

With longer working hours we are waiting for you in larger shopping centers.

Currency purchase and sale services

We provide money exchange service across the country in our offices where you can sell or buy all the currencies which are allowed by national regulations: fast, safely and reliably.


Send and receive remittances

Exclusive Change Ltd. provides you safety and fast Western Union money transfer service at all its locations.


We have made possible for you to pay all your bills at one place: for heating, electricity, telephone, cable tv, internet or deposit money into account.

You can also pay taxes, fees and tuition fees with us. We are offering this service during the working hours of our offices on weekdays and weekends. Fast and reliable.

Send and receive remittances

Western Union money transfer

You can send and recieve remittances at more than 400 locations within the EXC network.

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