Currency exchange service

We provide money exchange service across the country in our offices where you can sell or buy all the currencies which are allowed by national regulations: fast, safely and reliably.
Find your nearest Exclusive Change branch and take a look at the opening hours.

We buy damaged euro banknotes.
We change coins 1 and 2 EUR coins.

Ask our cashiers for more favorable exchange rates or be free to call us.

At all our locations you can exchange the following currencies:

EUR Euro
USD US Dollar
CHF Swiss Franc
GBP British Pound
CAD Canadian Dollar
AUD Australian Dollar
RUB Russian Ruble
DKK Danish Krone
NOK Norwegian Krone
SEK Swedish Krona
JPY Japanese Yen
HUF Hungarian Forint
PLN Polish Zloty
CZK Czech Korona
BAM Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark

Croatian Kuna